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Elora is an extremely popular tourist destination among families exploring rural Ontario. Elora is justly famous for the Elora Gorge that surrounds the town centre and offers exciting walking trails for adventurous visitors and impressive scenic views for more cautious visitors. Shoppers will find plenty of boutique shopping experiences in the town centre, ranging from art shops to cafes to a pharmacy-this is a town that functions for both tourists and permanent residents and could be described as a tiny Stratford. The town centre is noted for its array of historical buildings, mill, and rebuilt bridge, plus historical homes on quiet side streets.

Although the town centre is focused on tourists and seasonal visitors, the town's suburban areas are fully functioning living areas for permanent residents. Elora has three elementary schools, but high school students must travel to nearby Fergus. Elora is located 20 km northwest of Guelph and 8 km southwest of Fergus, but no major highways pass nearby so getting there and back again takes time-this is not a commuter town. Aside from the seasonal tourist business, the single largest area employer is the Grand River Raceway and casino, located on the south side of town.

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