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The Elora Festival is just around the corner

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East Elora’s Sandstone Apartments (120-122 David Street) are less than a 10-minute walk from one of the festival’s main venues, St. John’s Church (36 Henderson Street), so you’ll be able to squeeze in as many performances as possible without the stress of finding a cab.


This year, you can catch Handel’s Solomon during the opening night gala on July 10 at Gambrel Barn (corner of Country Road 7 and 21), another major venue, which is just a quick 10-minute drive from Sandstone Apartments.  Other notable festival performances include The Mike Janzen Trio, Stewart Goodyear, Mark Masri, The Next Generation Leahy, The Jackie Richardson Trio, Torq Percussion Quartet, and Glenn Buhr and the Button Factory Band. The final night of the Elora Festival wraps up with Nine Lessons and Carols of Summer, a fun summery twist on the Christmas tradition.


Though the festival is centred around musical performances, there are other events happening during the 16-day span. These include a book sale, a 35th anniversary quilt fundraiser and the Elora Festival Kids Camp.


Tickets for the Elora Festival range in price and include student discounts, season passes and flex packages. They can be purchased here.


Our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel , hopes you soak up the month of July by taking advantage of this one-of-a-kind festival — you won’t be disappointed! For more information about Sandstone Apartments, you can visit their website.





Cool Treats to Make In Your Elora Apartment

Chocolate ice cream.Sometimes the best way to overcome summer’s heat is to indulge in some refreshingly chilly treats and snacks. These treats will serve the double duty of satisfying cravings for sweets and keeping you cool and refreshed when the summer months are in full swing. Having recipes at your fingertips that you can easily make and serve will have residents ready to battle the heat and entertain impromptu guests. Today, our preferred property management company Williams and McDaniel Property Management has put together some cool treats that can easily be created and enjoyed in their Elora apartments.


While ice cream might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of frozen treats, there are a variety of desserts that can be made that include fresh seasonal berries and fruits. Enjoy grilled nectarines, gingersnaps and creamy plain yogurt in this ‘Spoonful’ Nectarine-Gingersnap dessert or munch on some apples, pears, bananas and honey in this Honey-Lime Fruit Salad. If the natural sweetness of fruit is not enough and you crave whipped cream and vanilla pudding, this Summer Berry Trifle offers up sensational fruit and a little extra sugar.


However delicious berries and fruits are, ice cream is still the most popular and sought-after snack to turn to when you want to cool down. In contrast to the traditional manner of eating ice cream, this ‘Delish’ Ice Cream Bonbons recipe makes bite-sized cool candies that you can eat with your hands. Comprised of extra-dark chocolate, white chocolate, wafer cookies and any ice cream flavor sprinkled with sea-salt, the finished product is an ice cream snack coated in decadent chocolate. For those who want a daily dose of hot chocolate without the hot temperature, frozen hot chocolate will guarantee an abundance of cocoa and a refreshing summer take on a winter drink. Keep the kids entertained with a treat like these Rainbow Cherry Jigglers that will capture their attention and their taste buds. Made using orange or pineapple juice, gelatin and rainbow-colored maraschino cherries, this quirky dessert is a colorful and festive alternative to chocolate cakes or apple pies.

There are a variety of chilly and cool treats that can be created but if you are still in need of a little inspiration the ‘Grandparents: Cool Treats for Summer’ article is filled with ideas to peruse. Reward that sweet tooth and battle the sweltering heat in your apartment with some well-deserved and easy-to-make snacks. The Sandstone Apartments located at 120-122 David Street East and the Executive Suites located at 143 Kertland Street are a luxurious rental option for those looking to downsize or relocate to Elora.  For other inquiries or information on Williams and McDaniel properties, please click here.