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What to expect at the 24th Annual Elora Spring Antique Sale

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On Saturday, April 18th from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and Sunday, April 19th from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Elora locals and visitors can attend Elora’s 24th Annual Antique Show and meet experts from all across Ontario. Adult admission is $7.00 per person and children under 13 are free. Discount admission coupons are available on the event’s website here.


Experts in antiques and collectibles attend this event to showcase their finds, find other priceless items and assess attendees’ items. This year’s lineup will make the 2015 show one of the strongest yet.


Samantha Howard Vintage, Toronto

Samantha Howard specializes in mid-century modern design, Scandinavian ceramics and glass, with a special interest in mid-century Scandinavian and Canadian jewelry. Samantha will be attending the show with Andrew Zegers Design. Andrew specializes in mid-century modern furnishings and mid-century Italian art glass.


Bowles Hilltop Antiques, Kara and Dan Bowles, Markdale, ON

Bowles Hilltop Antiques have been preparing for this event and will be bringing a bonnet chest, a dry sink and an original watercolour by Walter Henry Sweet (1899-1943).


Jane and Connie Egan, Goderich

This mother-daughter duo specializes in textiles, transferware, country furniture and silver and Ironstone.


Adrian Tinline Antiques, Bowmanville

Adrian is one of the younger dealers in the community and possesses a genuine passion for antiques. He mainly sells Canadian country furniture, armchairs, tables and a range of other accessories.


Antiques Identification Clinic

Feel free to bring your personal treasures and heirlooms for appraisal by Janet Carlile, an independent and accredited antiques valuer and guest on CBC’s Antiques Roadshow. Bring your items to the event, go directly to the appraisal table and make an appointment. While you wait for your appointment, have fun exploring the rest of the show. You may bring as many items as you want to be assessed at $12.00 per item.

There will also be 55 dealer experts in attendance, including Audette Antiques, Shirley and Armand Dequanne of The Treasure Box Antiques, Christine Wyrozub of Chantal’s Antiques, Robert and Sandra Fedosenko of Victoria St. Antiques and Fred Bradshaw of Frederick’s Persian Rugs.


Located in the Elora Community Centre at 29 David Street West, the antique show is a six-minute walk and one-minute drive from the Sandstone Apartments and a four-minute drive and 17-minute walk from the Executive Suites at 145 Kertland Street.




Best produce to buy in January

apartments for rent in Elora, shopping, winterWhile we normally associate the best produce with the summer and fall months, some of the most flavorful fruits and vegetables are freshest during the colder months. Whether you’ve committed to a healthier diet this New Year or are simply looking to add variety to your daily dishes, buying in-season produce is less expensive and more beneficial to your well-being. To help the residents of their Elora apartments stay healthy, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has compiled a list of the best produce to buy in January.



If you’re a fan of fruits that boast tartness, tanginess and a hint of sweetness, grapefruits are a healthy option that will satisfy your hunger. January is the perfect time to pick up this fruit, as it is just coming into season.



This leafy green is considered one of the healthiest vegetables around and luckily it grows best during the winter months. Incorporate this greenery into stews or try chopping and sautéing it with garlic and mixing it with your favorite pastas. For additional flavor don’t forget to add in some olive oil and salt and pepper. Another tasty option that seems to be gaining traction in the health food community is baked kale chips. Simply slice the leaves off the stalk, toss them in olive oil or whichever spices or seasonings appeal to you, bake them for about 10 to 15 minutes and enjoy a healthy snack to combat hunger. Drop by the Elora Farmers’ Market to pick up all the ingredients you’ll need. The store is a six-minute drive and 24-minute walk from the Sandstone Apartments and a five-minute drive and 26-minute walk from the Executive Suites.



Enjoy snacking on these small, sweet oranges, which are the tastiest between December and January. These oranges are seedless and easy to peel making them a superb snack for when you’re at the office or on the go. Located at 6458 Wellington Road 7, Dar’s Country Market is the ideal place to pick up these juicy treats. The apartments located at 120-122 David Street East and 143 Kertland Street, Williams and McDaniel’s Elora apartments are both less than a five-minute drive and 25-minute walk from the store.



Root vegetables like carrots, potatoes and turnips are all in season during the colder months and offer a hearty option when infused into soups and side dishes.


Winter Squash

Winter squash comes in many different variations that include acorn, spaghetti and butternut squash. Due to its thick rind, squash can last a long time without spoiling if stored correctly in a cool, dry place.



Get your daily dose of Vitamin C with this winter-friendly fruit, which adds the perfect amount of tartness to many winter dishes and desserts. For an unconventional twist, add cranberries as a salad topping or to that traditional banana bread recipe. Drop by Zehrs Markets located on 800 Tower South, which is a 10-minute drive from the Sandstone Apartments and an eight-minute drive from the Executive Suites, to pick up this produce item.


For those who are looking to rent, Williams and McDaniel’s Elora apartments located at 120-122 David Street East and 143 Kertland Street offer beautiful apartments that provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.