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Hot drinks to make at home

hot drinks elora, Elora Apartments, Apartments Elora, Apartments for Rent in Elora, Elora apartment rentals, Apartments in Elora, Apartment rentals in Elora, Elora Apartments for RentNothing is quite as satisfying as a warm drink on a cold day. Avoid the cold altogether by preparing your own delicious hot drink in your Elora apartment. For today’s post, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together a list of easy-to-make hot drinks that will warm you up during the winter days ahead.


Hot cocoa


One of the most popular drinks for a cold day is hot cocoa. Instead of relying on store-bought mixes, have fun preparing a simple batch of delicious homemade hot cocoa with your friends or family. This recipe only requires a few ingredients, most of which you probably already have in your kitchen.


Coffee drinks


Are you craving your go-to coffee beverage but dreading going out in the cold to get it? Save yourself the time and skip the cold by recreating your favorite coffee drink at your Elora apartment. For example, try following one of these tasty Starbucks-inspired recipes or make your own Tim Horton’s mocha. Buy your coffee beans at a local coffee shop before the bitter cold sets in. Ashanti Café Elora (8 West Mill Street) is a three-minute drive or ten-minute walk from Sandstone Apartments (120-122 David Street East).


Tea beverages


Not a coffee lover? Not only is tea a satisfying hot drink, it is also full of amazing health benefits. Make the perfect cup of tea at your Elora apartment this winter. Before you start, find the answer to all of your tea-making questions online. If you are feeling adventurous, try a unique tea beverage, such as a creamy Homemade Chai.


Mulled wine


Mulled wine is an adult drink that is simple to make. Buy a great bottle of wine from Cox Creek Cellars Inc. (7687 Wellington Road 22). This cellar uses only locally grown fruits for their wines. It will take you around ten minutes to get here from the Executive Suites (143 Kertland Street), but this local business also delivers orders to your apartment. Once you have the wine, all you will need for this hot drink recipe is a few more ingredients such as honey and cinnamon.


Beat the cold this winter by enjoying a hot drink at your Elora apartment. For more information about the Williams and McDaniel apartments in the neighborhood, visit their website today.