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No-sew apartment accessories

apartments for rent in Elora, DIY, decorating,Elora Apartments, Apartments Elora, Apartments for Rent in Elora, Elora apartment rentals, Apartments in Elora, Apartment rentals in Elora, Elora Apartments for RentOutfitting your Elora Apartment yourself will not only award you with new décor items and accents, it will also save you a substantial amount of money. Whether you’re looking to make curtains, art pieces, pillows, furniture coverings, blinds or table runners, there is a DIY project that is perfect for your budget and personal style. To get residents of the Sandstone Apartments and Executive Suites started on their DIY endeavour, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together some tutorials and instructions for no-sew apartment accessories.


Drapes and Curtains

Add graphic patterns and privacy to your apartment with the help of drapes and curtains. In addition ensuring privacy, the right drapes and curtains can actually keep your apartment cool. If you’re looking for an option that has a designer influence, ‘The Yellow Cape Cod’s’ Bold-Striped DIY Drapes take a cue from fashion icon Kate Spade. A simple yet eye-catching pattern makes up these blinds and will infuse stylish sophistication throughout the space. Get creative and reuse items around your home to create the perfect curtains with this ‘Cardigan Junkie’ duvet cover curtains tutorial. In place of sewing, these tutorials use fusible fabric webbing. For all your fabric needs, drop by Len’s Mill Stores located at 3555 Broadway in Hawkesville. The Elora apartments are both a 30-minute drive from the store.

Wall Art

Brighten up your apartment walls with beautiful fabric patterns by following ‘Bella Dia’s’ Fabric Panel How To. Using foam core, double stick tape, wall putty and a fabric with a design of your choice you can easily create a series of whimsical wall artwork. Pick up necessary supplies by dropping by Wyndham Art Supplies located at 125 Wyndham Street North. The store is a 30-minute drive from the Sandstone Apartments and a 23-minute drive from the Executive Suites.



After a long day at work, put your feet up and relax on your No-Sew DIY Ottoman courtesy of the ‘In My Own Style’ blog. While it looks complicated, you’ll be able to complete this DIY in an afternoon with the right supplies and some patience.


Accent your apartment couch with DIY textured ruffle pillows by following the ‘Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom’ tutorial. If ruffled pillows don’t fit into your apartment’s decorating scheme, these ‘346 living’ DIY No Sew Pillow are a perfect fit. For a more unconventional option, the ‘centsational girl’s’ no-sew pillow covers use cloth napkins to create your DIY creations. Pick up the fabrics and supplies you’ll need at Triangle Sewing Centre located at 386 Woolwich Street, which is a 28-minute drive Sandstone Apartments and a 21-minute drive from the Executive Suites.



While at first glance it may look like the ‘A Pretty Cool Life’ DIY Roman Shades involves sewing, they actually only use glue. You’ll need vinyl mini-blinds, fabric, iron-on adhesive and fabric glue, all of which can be purchased at Stockade Wood & Craft Supply. The store at 785 Imperial North is a 23-minute drive from the Executive Suites and Sandstone Apartments.


Lamp Shades

Embellishing your tired lamps and lampshades are a great way to brighten up your apartment space, literally and metaphorically. The ‘House of Fifty’ blog offers a DIY option that looks so polished your guests will be curious as to where you bought it.


Give your apartment a designer feel without spending a large amount of money by taking advantage of DIY options like these. Located at 120-122 David Street East and 143 Kertland Street, Williams and McDaniel’s Sandstone Apartments and Executive Suites in Elora offer residents high-quality, exceptional service and nothing less.