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Take your own family portraits

apartments for rent in Elora,  family-friendly, DIY, Elora Apartments, Apartments Elora, Apartments for Rent in Elora, Elora apartment rentals, Apartments in Elora, Apartment rentals in Elora, Elora Apartments for RentFamily photos are a great way to capture the memories and smiles you share with your loved ones. Hiring a professional photographer can be quite expensive and may include time spent on a waiting list until the photographer’s schedule loosens up. Take matters into your own hands by planning and executing your family’s portrait on your own. To help Elora apartment residents unleash their inner professional photographer, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together some equipment tips, posing techniques for a natural look and some breath-taking places in Elora that can serve as the backdrop for your beautiful family portraits.


Use a Tripod

This small investment will definitely come in handy for all of the times that you end up using it. BJ Photo Labs Limited has a great selection of camera equipment available for purchase. The store is located at 468 Phillip Street is a 30-minute drive from the Sandstone Apartments and a 32-minute drive from the Executive Suites. If you’re also in need of a camera, Future Shop at 580 King Street North has everything you’re looking for. The store is less than 30 minutes away from both of the Elora Apartments.


Keep Little Ones Occupied + Prepared

To encourage kids to look at the camera, tape a stuffed animal, toy or other eye-catching item on top. At some point during the photo-shoot, your little ones will likely grow tired standing in the same position waiting for you to set up the camera or simply waiting in general. Try and avoid this by explaining what the photos involve, how long they will take and if there will be a reward afterwards. Make sure to bring snacks and water along to avoid grumbling tummies and groaning mouths. While you’re setting up the camera equipment and props, allow your kids to run around and get out some pent-up energy.

Write down or print off some family portrait ideas and posing inspiration in advance so you can refer to them later. It will also give you an idea ahead of time of what props you’ll need and what locations would work best with your concept. The ‘Digital Photography School’s’ 4 Tips For Natural Looking Portraits article has some great tips including giving subjects something to hold to distract from anxiety. Ask your little ones about their favourite memory or tell them a funny joke to get a genuine laugh that will make for a stunning capture. One way to avoid frustration and still leave with fantastic portraits in hand is to plan out poses where your family doesn’t have to look at the camera. These can include hugging each other, tickling, smooching, holding hands, walking or simply looking at each other. The historic Brew House on the Grand features a breath-taking stone building on the bank of the Grand in Fergus and offers up an ideal place for your rustic family portraits. Located at 170 Saint David Street South, the Brew House is directly across the river from the Farmers’ market and is a nine-minute drive from the Sandstone Apartments and a six-minute drive from the Executive Suites.


Say No to Auto

While you may be tempted to set your camera on auto and let it do the work, you’ll have better photos and a better understanding of your camera if you do things manually. The ‘Kristen Duke Photography’ blog has a book available titled ‘Say NO to Auto’ that will have you shooting in manual in three easy steps. Make sure to focus on the centre of the group, so you have a good border of background to add balance. Remember to take test shots before the real deal and use these to gage how you should adjust the shutter speed. If overexposure occurs, crank up your shutter speed until you achieve an even exposure. On a cloudy day start the shutter speed at ISO 400. For all your photo needs or questions, drop by Pond’s Foto Source. The store is a 23-minute drive from both of the Elora Apartments.


Prepare the Camera

Before you get everyone in front of the camera holding their smiles and trying not to blink, save time by preparing the camera’s settings in advance. Get one person in the frame to act as a point of reference, then measure and focus off of that person before getting everyone else in the shot. Elora Gorge Conservation Area is another great location if you’re looking for destinations for your family photo-shoot. Located at 7400 Wellington Road 21, the conservation area is a two-minute drive and less than 10-minute walk from the Sandstone Apartments and Executive Suites.


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