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Delicious herbs you can grow right in the kitchen

apartments for rent in Elora, gardening, apartment living , Elora Apartments, Apartments Elora, Apartments for Rent in Elora, Elora apartment rentals, Apartments in Elora, Apartment rentals in Elora, Elora Apartments for RentIf you’re looking for a way to spruce up your homemade dishes, fresh herbs are a simple and delicious way to do so. While you can purchase them time and time again at the grocery store, another option is to grow them yourself. With a variety of herbs that you can grow in the comfort of your Elora apartment’s kitchen you can save yourself money and avoid pesticides that might be lingering in the store-bought variety. All you really need is a bright space and a little background research on the plants you want to grow. To get residents started on their plant collection, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has compiled a list of herbs you can grow in your kitchen.



While Bay grows slowly at first, it will eventually blossom into a bush or small tree that can be shaped and modified to the grower’s liking. If you’re looking to get a head start and want to enjoy this herb sooner, it is best to purchase a young one- to two-foot plant. Add Bay leaves to your homemade red pasta sauces or hearty broths to make them even tastier.



Liven up those plain mashed potatoes or garnish your gourmet dishes with the delicate flavor of freshly chopped chives. Perfect for windowsill growing, this delicious grass like herb needs to be cut in small bunches back to the soil level to make room for the newest harvest.



Use dill in salads, on fish and to add an aromatic characteristic to your expertly prepared dishes. This annual best known for its leaves is often grown indoors and certain variations are compact, which makes them ideal for growing in cozy spaces. Drop by Stevanus Family Farm to pick up the seeds or ready-to-purchase plants, so you can enjoy fresh herbs in no time at all. Located at 1082 Snyder Flats road, the store is a 24-minute walk from the Sandstone Apartments and the Executive Suites.


While sage is a wonderful culinary herb, it can also function as a sore throat remedy and beauty tool. For those who prefer container gardening, it is best to purchase a 12-inch-tall dwarf sage as they are smaller but offer the same mouthwatering flavors of traditional garden sage.



Available in both trailing and upright forms, rosemary is an herb you’ll definitely want in your kitchen. Use it to spice meats and vegetables and even use it to cure headaches. While rosemary enjoys drier growing conditions, it is crucial that the soil is never allowed to completely dry out. Doing this may result in the death of the plant. Located on 6729 Leslie Lane, Floral and Hardy Gardens offers a large selection of plants and herbs that will fit perfectly in your Elora apartment. The Sandstone Apartments and Executive Suites are both 39 minutes away from the store.



With delicious flavoring and healing properties, parsley is the perfect herb to include in many of your meals. When harvesting this herb, cut the outer leaves to encourage new growth from the center and keep the remaining parsley productive for several months.



Offering a slightly spicy and sharp flavor, oregano will add a touch of authentic spice to your dishes. Oregano plants often remain productive for up to two years and should be replaced when the plant develops a woody texture. It is important to harvest leaves to keep the plant healthy and make room for new growth. LittleTree Garden Market located on St. David Street North in Fergus is a 10-minute drive from both Elora apartments has a large selection of plants and herbs available for purchase.



Add flavor to your salads, soups and aiolis or create your own pesto with the help of basil.  Grow this herb as an annual or short-lived perennial and enhance the tastiness of your dishes. Get all the ingredients you’ll need to get your kitchen herbs started by visiting Sheridan Nurseries Limited located at 100 Elmsdale Drive. Both the Sandstone Apartments and Executive Suites are a 39-minute drive from the nursery and their large stock of plants.



Cilantro also referred to as Chinese parsley, will add a citrus-like and parsley-like flavor to whatever you add it to. It is best to grow it from seeds as it will grow quickly. However, it will not regrow once harvested. To extend the harvest, grow three pots of Cilantro at different stages (seeded, intermediate growth and one that’s ready to harvest).

Spearmint and peppermint are top choices if you’re looking for potted herbs to grow. Both of these plants have calming and soothing effects and can even be incorporated into your health and beauty routines. It is important to give mint its own container, as it can easily overtake other herbs.


In no time at all you’ll be enjoying fresh herbs in your dishes and desserts. Located at 120-122 David Street East and 143 Kertland Street, Williams and McDaniel’s Elora apartments provide residents with unparalleled amenities and are within walking distance of scenic trails and pathways.