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Offbeat appliances that are perfect for apartments


Offbeat appliances that are perfect for apartmentsKitchens are a fun place to experiment with different dishes, recipes and ingredients. When it comes to trying out new culinary creations, sometimes basic appliances just won’t do and more unconventional gadgets are required. Make your kitchen more convenient and food preparation more fun with these intelligent inventions. To help educate you on these peculiar kitchen products, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has selected some offbeat additions that are perfect for your Elora apartment.

 Magic Bullet

Many people have probably seen the Magic Bullet infomercial and witnessed the power of this pint-sized kitchen tool. This personal blender is extremely effective and will chop onions, garlic, grate cheese and even make smoothies in 10 seconds or less. With this gizmo on your countertop, you’ll be making shakes, sandwich spreads, party dips and even frozen coffee. You can even chop, dice and create foods in advance and then freeze them to save time when it comes to breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you’re ready to purchase this famous As Seen On TV product, the Walmart located on 11 Woodlawn Road West currently stocks it. Take the 19-minute drive from Williams and McDaniel’s Sandstone Apartments and Executive Suites and get ready to save time in the kitchen.

Total Chef Food Dehydrator

For those who are health-conscious or want to be more cost-effective when it comes to their grocery purchases, food dehydrators are a great option. Preserve fruits, vegetables and meats to enjoy as snacks at the office or when you finally embark on that camping trip. Removing moisture and reducing the water content from food dramatically increases its shelf life and will make for some seriously healthy snacks. Save money by making your own jerky, fruit roll ups or chips and avoid those unhealthy snacks that stock vending machines. One example that is just as healthy as it is delicious are dehydrated Kale Chips. These recipes by the ‘Dehydrator Review’ offer up suggestions for a snack high in both nutrients and flavour. Drop by Walmart located on 11 Woodlawn Road West, which is less than 20 minutes away from the Elora apartments, to pick up your own food dehydrator.

Soda Stream

While people may possess a strong love for soda, they often dread the effects it will have on their waistline. Another issue is the costs that accumulate when you purchase a soda every day, but with the Soda Stream you won’t have to worry about either. Turn tap water into sparkling water in three seconds and create your own soda at home using various syrup packets that have less sugar than pop. Drinks can be customized to your liking and you can feel good about reducing your environmental impact by bypassing bottles and cans. For those who love traditional pops you can still enjoy them, but without the added fat and expensive costs, making this a win-win situation. Purchase the Soda Stream Jet Titan Starter Kit at Canadian Tire, a 12-minute drive from both of Williams and McDaniel’s Elora apartments, and debut it at the next party or social gathering.  If you run out of syrup packets, swing by Staples at 370 Stone Road West and pick up flavours like cranberry-raspberry, lemonade and fruit punch. The store is only 19 minutes away from both the Executive Suites and Sandstone Apartments.

Tassimo or Keurig

 Skip the line up at Starbucks and enjoy a professionally brewed cup of specialty coffee in the morning using a Tassimo or Keurig Coffee Maker. Using coded coffee discs, this highly intelligent appliance will make your drink just the way you like it. If you’re not a coffee drinker, there are a variety of teas, hot chocolate, chai lattes and iced teas available to enjoy. You can pick up the coffee discs almost anywhere including at Foodland located on 315 Arthur Street South, which is less than 25 minutes away from the 143 Kertland Street and 120-122 David Street East apartments. Before you pick up the coffee packets, it is best to first pick up either the Tassimo or Keurig machine at Future Shop located on 580 King Street North, which is less than 30 minutes away from the apartments.


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