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Practical Kitchen Decorating

Practical Kitchen Decorating

apartments elora fergus guelphKitchens are no longer just a space for preparing and cooking food. They are also a great place to entertain guests. Adding hints of décor and design to the rooms where you host visitors will to wonders to make them more welcoming and unique. It is especially helpful when these same décor accents are also practical. Take creative control of your Elora apartment kitchen without sacrificing its functionality. To make sure you get the most practical and aesthetically pleasing kitchen, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel has some suggestions to enhance your kitchen space.


When storing pots and pans in cupboards and cabinets, things can get a little bit cluttered and cramped. Instead of keeping cookware behind closed doors, try suspending it from the ceiling. This suspended solution allows you to work with what you already have and frees up a lot of cabinet space for larger items. Easily infuse style and accessibility in your kitchen with your own unique design or peruse the ‘Houzz’ Hanging Pot Rack design page for creative inspiration. In addition to pots and pans, aprons, potholders and dishtowels can also be hung. However, remember to keep them a safe distance away from stoves or hot surfaces.


If you have extra space but no shelves for your kitchen essentials, large baskets will come in handy. Create impromptu shelf space by stacking large baskets filled with cooking supplies, utensils or other miscellaneous items that keep changing location. A more rustic, country-inspired look can be achieved using wicker baskets instead of metal ones. For those currently searching for baskets, the ‘House and Home’ section of Chapters located on 428 King Street North has an assortment of baskets and storage solutions in stock. The Sandstone apartments and the Executive Suites are both 30 minutes away from the store.


Keep your kitchen space interesting and well lit by placing table lamps on your island or on dining room tables. While it is unconventional to put lamps in kitchen spaces, they will provide additional lighting and are a pleasant aesthetic touch. Offering table lamps of all shapes, styles and sizes, St. Jacobs Furniture House located on 30 Benjamin Road is a convenient 30-minute drive from Williams and McDaniel’s apartments.


The best kinds of décor are the ones that you can grow and infuse in your food. Herbs and spices will add a rich aroma to your apartment’s kitchen while also enhancing the flavor of your dishes. Make the 30-minute drive to Greenway Blooming Centre at 200 Shantz Station Road and start your own kitchen garden filled with sage, parsley, basil, oregano and much more.


Ensure all your important notices and reminders are seen by writing them down on chalkboard wall decals that can be placed virtually anywhere in the kitchen. For those in need of a peel-and-stick chalkboard, Chapters has an impressive selection of different sized decals currently in stock. It’s possible to make your kitchen practical without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal. Williams and McDaniel’s Sandstone apartments located on 120-122 David Street East and Executive Suites at 143 Kertland Street offer up the perfect places to try out these décor tips and techniques.