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How to find a great roommate in Elora

With its small town charm and historical architecture, it’s no wonder many people choose to call Elora home. If you’re looking for the perfect roommate to share your new Elora apartment, here are some tips to get you started.

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Roommate Needed
Create a ‘roommate needed’ ad describing yourself and your apartment. You might want to include advantages of living in the community like the charming village atmosphere. Prospective roommates will likely also want to know about its proximity to shopping and transit routes. It’s just as important to list the characteristics of the person that would be the ideal roommate for you. Honestly describe your personality and habits and you could find the perfect person. Once you’ve written your ad, spread it throughout your network using social media and online classified sites.

Interviewing Process 
Once you begin to hear from potential roommates, you’ll want to conduct some phone or face-to-face interviews in a public place. This is an important part of finding a great roommate, since compatibility is key. Talk about anything you think could become an issue when you’re sharing space. Here are some good topics to cover during your interview:

Hourly Schedule – What is your work or school schedule like?
Cleanliness – Not everybody has the same standards of cleanliness. Honestly discuss your habits and how you’d prefer to maintain the apartment.
Kitchen – When it comes to food, do either of you have any dietary preferences or allergies? Will groceries be purchased separately, or shared?
Social Factors – Do you prefer quiet nights at home or do you have an active nightlife? Do you expect the two of you to become friends, or just roommates?
Visitors – Ask about any plans for extended stay visitors, and specify how many nights a week guests are welcome in your Elora apartment.

Roommate Contract
In addition to signing a rental agreement with your property manager, a roommate agreement is a great way to clarify your living arrangement. This will help you to have a courteous relationship with one another. Here are some things that you might want to cover:

Bills - Summarize how you will divide and pay for extra costs like cable, internet and home phone.
Cleaning Agenda – Agree to maintain a chore schedule where you detail each of your cleaning responsibilities and distribution of housework.

Overnight Visitors – Make a policy for any overnight visitors or extended stay guests.

Compatibility between roommates is an important part of any living arrangement. If you already have a great roommate but haven’t found the perfect apartment in Elora for the two of you, consider the communities available from our preferred apartment provider, Williams & McDaniel. Their Sandstone apartment community at 120-122 David Street East is within short driving distance of the City of Guelph and near the Elora Quarry Conservation Area. Other Elora apartment rentals include the Executive Suites at 143 Kertland St, for more information about this and other Williams & McDaniel apartments in Elora, click here.