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Apartments for Rent in Elora

Elora OntarioElora is a small town with less than 2,000 dwellings total, which means finding a rental apartment will be a challenge since most residents own their homes rather than rent. Apartments should be available in and around the town centre, either above shops or in houses, although because this is a desirable area rents will likely be high. Renters who are careful of costs or who have families should look in the suburban areas of Elora, which contain several small low-rise rental apartment buildings. Renting a house is another option, although many renters may find this too expensive, especially near the town centre and if the house is historical. Apartments for rent range from $785 for 1 bedrooms up to $875 for 2 bedrooms, and up to $1,000 for apartments in the desirable town centre.

With a small number of choices, to find an apartment renters will have to scan local newspapers and advertising flyers, hunt around on foot and by car, and talk to everyone they meet-word of mouth always goes a long way in small towns. Renters should look for small apartment buildings along David Street East and Irvine Street, or south of the Grand River along Carleton Place.

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Elora Apartments for Rent

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Sandstone Apartments

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